In applying the educational philosophy of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1746-1827) to education today, this book offers a teaching and learning approach, based on personal, community-oriented relationship, which puts emphasis on the development of the full humanity of every individual child.
27 self-contained chapters provide suggestions for teachers and policy makers which can help transform young people and their educational experience. Dr. Brϋhlmeier examines current trends in education which are based on an economic model and often fail the student. He also looks at the innumerable social pressures faced by young people. He explains how to overcome the resulting problems for teachers, parents and young people by teaching in the spirit of Pestalozzi.

Despite the countless pressures and restraints faced by schools, the suggestions contained in this book are not only inspiring but also workable.

“This book refuses to accept that nothing can be done about violence, vandalism, drugs and the veneration of consumerism. It is not polemical but instead makes its points by providing an insight into the work of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi with its rich seam of ideas, experiences and goodness of heart.”
Eva Schiffer M.A., Teacher of Philosophy and Translator of Karl Popper